hacked on August 18th.
On August 18th. the site was hacked and down for the time it took the site admin to restore it. This incident showed how important an up2date backup is. Every site admin should create regular backups of his site which help him to restore the site in a very short time and to minimize offline times to the smallest limit.

What is JoomlaGhost?
JoomlaGhost helps you to create Full Site Backups with all components/templates/modules installed. You can restore the backup on the server within a very short timerange or even restore it on a totally different server. If you want to move your site to another server you can use JoomlaGhost`s LiveCloning function to clone your site directly from server to server. Have you ever changed your server and had to transfer your Joomla site to the new location? Then you know that it can be demanding to do all necessary steps in the right order to get the transfer done without complications.

Joomla Ghost gives you the functions to clone your site on a server of your choice and provides functionality to backup and restore your site. And the best is: It's unbelievable easy! We have put our main focus on the user-friendliness of our component and it’s a child’s play to achieve your goals.

Clone or backup your site with just a few clicks:

What can you do with JoomlaGhost?
Clone your site using Live Cloning
Clone your full Joomla site directly to a different location, a different server with only a few clicks.
Clone your site using File Cloning
Create a backup of your site and restore it on any other server. . Just follow the included Installation wizard.
Backup and Restore your site
Set up a cronjob file for automatic cron job backups of your site.

All features are using AJAX for best look, feel and user-friendliness.

License information:
You can use JoomlaGhost on any of YOUR domains. There are no specific limitations regarding servers or domains. E.g. if you have 3 different Joomla sites you can use JoomlaGhost to backup, restore or clone all these sites with your copy of JoomlaGhost. JoomlaGhost is distributed with the GPL license